Because the industry is moving slowly in the direction of Jetpack Compose I've decided to rewrite the Previously mentioned Sleeply source code into this new playground app called Nederadio. In the app you can stream dutch radio stations. It is fully built in Jetpack compose, even dependency management is added as a composable using Cokoin. It supports background playback leveraging Jetpack Media 3 and even casting is supported. Koin is used for dependency injection and Ktor for HTTP network communcation. And ofcourse everything is written in Kotlin!
Take a look at the project page on Github.

GGD Contact

During the COVID-19 pandemic I have worked with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport on the GGD Contact application for Android. The application is used for source and contact investigation for people with confirmed COVID-19 infections. Used techniques are Jetpack navigation, MVVM, Kotin + coroutines.
You can find GGD Contact on Google Play

NS App

I have worked for over 2,5 years for the Dutch Railways developing the Android version of the NS App. During this time I have completed numerous refactors and added a lot of new features. For example: I've introduced MVVM and Kotlin in the codebase and doing so vastly improved the test coverage. Other techniques used are: Dagger-Android and Mockk.
You can find the NS App on Google Play

IKNL PalliArts

While working at M2Mobi Amsterdam, I have partly refactored the app for IKNL which doctors in palliative care use to support patients and family. The app contained a lot of guidelines and rules for palliative care. I have also added features for doctors to calculate proper dosages for medications. Due to the nature of these critical features they were developed using TDD. Other techniques that were used are RxJava2 and MVP.
You can find PalliArts on Google Play

AH Rappie

While working at M2Mobi Amsterdam, I have developed the pilot for a new delivery service for Ahold Delhaize called Rappie. from the app users were able to order groceries from Albert Heijn and receive their order within 2 hours. Unfortunately the pilot was not successful enough and the project was discontinued in 2018. Used techniques are RxJava2, Dagger Android, MVP, Clean Architecture and ObjectBox.

ANWB Onderweg

While working at M2Mobi Amsterdam, I have co-developed the full refactor of the ANWB Onderweg application. This is the application for the largest roadside assistance corporation in The Netherlands. Within the application it is possible to view traffic information, find the cheapest fuel stations and start parking transactions from within the app.
You can find Onderweg on Google Play


Sleeply is an Android application made for people who are having problems sleeping. You can stream calming music for free and without limits. It is built using the MVP pattern with use of Dagger2, RxJava and Retrofit.
Sleeply is discontinued and the source code is not available anymore.

Survival Tools

Survival Tools is an Android application made for survival. It supports all basic functionality like a flashlight with SOS function, a map with marker support, a full US Army survival guide, a compass and a stopwatch. The app is built with the material design specifications by Google.
Survival tools is discontinued and the source code is not available anymore.

Smart mirror

I've created an open source Android application which you can use to turn your old 2012 Nexus 7 or similar device and a two-way mirror into a smart mirror. It supports weather forecasts, reddit, calendar events and customizable voice commands. It is built using the MVP pattern with use of Dagger2, RxJava and Retrofit.
Take a look at the project page on Github.

Juma Hockey

Juma Hockey is an dashboard made for hockey coaches, clubs and trainers where they can monitor player's progress and manage their hockey passports. It is completely responsive and supports a lot of tools for hockey professionals. It is built using AngularJS with Bootstrap and MySQL as data storage.
If you want to know more or are interested in using this, please visit the website.


Notes is a simple web app I've wrote to familiarize myself with the MEAN-stack. It is built using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS. The front end is built with MaterializeCSS. I don't work on this project anymore since I consider it a successful experiment, but if you want to work on it feel free to do a pull request!
Take a look at the source code on Github.

Smart Floor Care

Smart Floor Care is an Android application made for health institutes equipped with a smart floor. Workers can see a live-view of each floor and a timeline of events on the floor. It is built using the MVP pattern with use of Dagger2, RxJava and Retrofit.
If you are interested in this project, please visit this website.